About Us

Our names are Marisa and David and we love to create unusual items like these up-cycled suitcase dollhouses. We live in Queanbeyan, NSW Australia with two kids, three chickens and four cats.

We have a love of hand made things, of cutting and sanding, painting and building. We love to make old things new again - give them a new lease on life, make them useful again, gorgeous again, loved again. That's why building these dollhouses is perfect for us.

We each have a background in building - David in carpentry, Marisa in miniatures - and together these dollhouses make an awesome use of our skills.


Marisa Martin

Marisa is primarily a filmmaker, animator and film designer, with a strong love of miniatures.

After graduating from the University of Canberra with a communications degree in Media/Multimedia production in 2003, she set up EoR Media: Enemies of Reality, a small production house, where she still produces and directs animated and live action content, including stop-motion animation with miniature sets.

David Tynan

David has experience in carpentry, archaeology, building and management.

David likes to build things. Awesome things. All kinds of things. He has developed a love of all things tiny since working with Marisa, but he has a history of building awesome tree-houses, beautiful fairy castles and lovely wedding photo-booths. A huge variety of skills and equipment mean that David can build just about anything.


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