Every single piece we make is utterly unique and therefore individually priced. Each piece is made from a sourced suitcase or wooden box and decorated to suit its individual personality. We can make custom dollhouses and even turn your old unused suitcases into dollhouses for a unique, up-cycled and fun piece for your home.

Vintage Suitcases

Large Dollhouses

We use the various suitcases we find at antique stores & flea markets, adding doors, windows & floors to transform them into dollhouses. We can even use your old suitcase if you wish. We furnish them either in elegant victorian dollhouse furniture or kid-friendly pieces. Prices vary depending on the size and furnishings, and start at $175.


Cigar Boxes

Small Dollhouses

Wooden cigar cases can be quite beautiful. They vary in size and timber and some have colourful stickers on them, some are elegant and simple. We turn each into a unique piece and no two are the same. Some even still carry the scent of their previous tennants if you like that kind of thing. Prices vary, but fall into the range of $45 - 150.

Wooden Dollhouse


Tiny Dollhouses

Super small, and super cute, these teeny-tiny dollhouses are ideal for sitting on your desk at work and admiring and playing with when you shouldn't be, or on a dressing table or bookshelf as a unique and tiny talking piece. We make them using regular sized matchboxes and slightly larger ones. They are utterly adorable and priced from $20-30.

wooden box

How to Buy

Our Etsy Store

We have a number of dollhouses for sale at any time. Check out our Etsy store for the current stock and keep coming back as stock changes frequently and every piece is unique.

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