Make Your Own Matchbox House - Kit

You can purchase a kit from us at a market or via our Etsy store. There are several options for exteriors, interiors and you can decorate and lay out the pieces in any way you like!

The kit includes:

  • A choice of six exterior designs
  • A choice of six wall treatments - from wallpaper to brick or timber
  • A choice of six fireplaces, that either match or contrast the wall treatment
  • A choice fo nine different chair styles - from metal to 3D printed
  • A choice of base box colour
  • A set of printed instructions


  • How To Video

    Buy the Kit

    Kit costs $18AUD, Available via Etsy or at our shop in the CARDIF Collective

    The kit comes with two miniature chairs, the matchbox, exterior print, interior print, various decorative elements and instructions. We also have the video to assist you in making your awesome creation. The hardest part? deciding which chairs, what wallpaper and which house you'll make!